12 Questions 
Everyone we interview will be asked these core questions among others. 
1.  What is your experience or connection to mental illness and how has it affected your life?
2.  Do you think brain chemical imbalances happen for a reason?
3.  How does the word normal make you feel?  Do you want to be normal?
4.  How would we maintain our happiness if living in a 100% environmentally sustainable ecosystem meant severly limiting our material consumption?
5.  Would you consider it possible that I could literally be receiving a special message to decode about the fate of the planet?  This was a concrete belief while I was hospitalized but doctors insisted it was delusional.  Should I have been "allowed" to believe this as a 17 year old?
6.  What do you think mental illness actually is?  
7.  How much does society and our environment play a factor in determining our mental health?
8.  How much do our existential beliefs play a factor in determining our mental health?
9.  What is your primary method of healing? 
10.  Why is mental illness on the rise right now?
11.  How many shades of grey do you think there are to madness?
12.  Can we end mental illness?