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Can we please all agree on what mental illness actually is?
RABBIT HOLE is the revamped version of "The Lens" which was a documentary exploring the connections between the scientific and spiritual perspectives of mental illness.  It was worthwhile but it was dangerous trying to do it soon after cold turkeying Lithium.  
Here's what it was about:
"The varying views on mental health across the world are highly diverse to say the least.  It can be very confusing for those who are first diagnosed or find themselves slipping into darkness.
We're on a mission to discover new insights on how the scientific and spiritual perceptions connect, interviewing experiencers, doctors, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, homeopaths, philosophers, shamans, historians, spiritual guides, and plenty of others in a road trip adventure across Canada and the U.S.
This line of research has already provided some incredible personal insight.  The more I explore, the more I realize there are many dots already connected which has provided a lot of relief as someone who's grown up dealing with bipolar disorder.
Check out films in the menu above for the lead up to the production thus far.
Thank you for your interest!"
It became over the top and I legitimately got confused about my belief systems, ethically and existentially.  So many interviewees had amazing arguments and techniques and it was very hard to choose one side because they differed so much and at times completely contradicted each other.
Rabbit Hole openly acknowledges that it can be a complex environment when trying to find answers to mental health issues -- there are just so many treatments, across such a vast landscape.  
Who knows where the project is going to go.  Maybe this is it.  We'll see...
Brooks Hunter