Brooks Hunter Filmmaker
Creator of The Lens
Let's cut to the chase.  By our society's terminology, I went insane as a teenager and was diagnosed with depression, then schizoaffective disorder, then bipolar disorder.  I was convinced my struggles were taking shape for a reason and that I would one day help change the world with them.   So it's time for action.  The Lens is for my 17 year old self who was clueless when he fell into feeling extraordinarily down, anxious, detached, and fearful.  This is for all the outsiders, the people who feel sick, different, unwelcomed.  This is the balance of information we need.  Please subscribe to the newsletter and feel free to connect and suggest types of information on these issues that you'd like to know more about.
TVO - Mental Health Conference 2011
Brooks Hunter on TVO's The Agenda
Here are some of my initial speeches and interviews.  I loved the idea of expressing and speaking out as a means of its own therapy.  Seriously, when you're not "allowed" to say things in public due to stigma, it helps a lot to just say them. 
There is a deep need in society for us to be open and real about our thoughts and feelings.  Our system is filled with so many superficial values and messages, it's important that we get back to the source of authenticity.  Let's be open and real.  Aside from diagnoses, let's face it, who knows what the fuck is going on.  
I'm a HUMAN BEING, an ARTIST, someone who dances in the rain, and sings at the top of my lungs in rush hour.  I'm here to make a difference.  I think we need to be free.  And EXPRESSING our innermost thoughts, especially if we're abnormal, helps a ton.  Let's change thw world, and I'm talking NOW.
Ashbury College Speech - 2012