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02.25.19   Abstract  / Feeling out the new path.


Rebrand Mental Health

From Darkness to Light in 25 Seconds

06.30.16   Brooks travels back in time to warn young Brooks about the upcoming manic episode.

04.13.16   A metaphor.

Toronto Street Interview


08.15.15   Brooks interviews a mother and daughter about stigma.

05.04.13   Dr. Allen Frances explains how he would technically have a number of the diagnoses listed in DSM-5.

Tweak the Labels

Schizoaffective... WTF!?

05.11.12   Brooks explains why he thinks the names of some diagnoses could be slightly tweaked- with Dr. Allen Frances

05.03.12   Brooks speaks about his experience with a schizoaffective diagnosis which lasted a year, and the lessons which came from it.

Ashbury College - Speech

02.14.12   Brooks shares his story at his high school, Ashbury, in Ottawa, Ontario.